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Fresh Fruits Export

Fresh Fruits

Meet the premium quality!

Fresh Vegetables Export

Fresh Vegatables

Egyptian Vegetables straight from the farm to you!

Herbs and Legumes

Meet the premium quality!

Canned Food

Meet the premium quality!


Welcome to ElHafez products page


elHafez is a wholesale food supplier for fine food retailers, farm shops and delicatessens and more. We offer you a secure and reliable online services .. We are an Independent source for all international food buyers looking for online food wholesales. We offers a wide range of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs, Legumes, Canned and Frozen Food and many other products. with such a varied selection, there’s something for everyone.

For consumers who prefer to buy The bright color, fresh smell and great taste and healthy food, elHafez has a range of certified fresh and pure products. these products satisfy the same high quality standards as all other elHafez products.