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agricultural productselHafez Company founded 1995. is a flourishing name in the industry offering high quality agricultural products. We are a professionally managed business entity engaged in Exporting and Importing of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

We present our company as an Egyptian company working in the fields of produce, wholesale, marketing, import and export. Our range of products is the agriculture products like Fruits and vegetables, herbs and legumes Canned and frozen foods products. We are specializing in exporting this kind of products with high quality.

We offer prompt processing of shipments and impeccable product safety by moving the produce directly from its source to the client with the minimum of intermediate handling. Our commitment to your timetable and quality is our mission. We do supply these products for the Egyptian market & our target to export it to worldwide.

We own a farm for peach & mandarin, which located in in nubaria city, in the heart of Agricultural sector of Egypt. Also there are hundreds of farms around us which produce premium quality for fresh fruits & vegetables. We support these farms by making marketing for their products Worldwide. Also At elHafez Company, We Work with several artisan groups in Egypt which Specializing in Making the Handmade Products, in this sector all of our products are 100 % Egyptian handmade products.

We are responsive to further developing our product range and the logistical processes of handling and delivery, and to this end we employ a professional team with a high level of expertise and efficiency.



  • We pay a great deal of attention to every detail in the terms and conditions of the trade agreements between us and you such as: Packing, handling, making deadlines, goods delivery and transit times.
  • We know the secret of successful exporting which is to give your customers what they want with a wide assortment of good quality Products and certainly with the lowest possible price.
  • We have a professional team which controls all the order process step by step until you receive it.
  • You will enjoy doing business with us.


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